North and South
Linen and Wool
Ecological and Sustainable
Tradition and Innovation
Natural and Urban
a New experience with Old knowledge
Silent exclusivity and Pure distinction
Clean cut aesthetics and functionality in home accessories
Travel bags and Outerwear
for Women and Men
a custom-made range of fabric qualities, sizes and colors

SENNES is setup in 2010, when Belgian Art Director of the brand Nele De Block was introduced
by co-founder and supporter Pedro Franco to one of the last remaining traditional woolweavers of the Serra da Estrela region.

SENNES combines Portuguese and Belgian tradition, high-sustainable Portuguese wool with high-quality Belgian linen, two noble, ecological fibres with opposite natural characteristics.

SENNES is globally inspired by climate change in nature and culture, therefore conceived as an annual wardrobe.

The concept of SENNES is to bring authentic textile production processes out of their traditional context to the contemporary fashion and design market adapting them to change.